Welcome to Triangle Containers!

Triangle Containers Pty (Ltd)  was established on 16 January 2001.

Mr HLN Adendorff – Managing Director (25 years experience in Injection Moulding)

Situated +-15km from N17 (Wit weg off-ramp) and +/-10km from the N3 (Jacobs street off-ramp) we are easily accessible and therefore supply buckets with different perspectives of product requirements to a wide spectrum of industries, which at the moment consists of the following:


We are consistently working on developing and improving our products and broadening our product range. 

We are open to new products and new markets and welcome new clients with fresh ideas which is marketable and could sell at bulk quantities. 

Our clients are important to us that is why we always keep our prices competitive to keep us and our clients on a mutually beneficial basis. 

  Additional Services:

    • Printing:  We have the capability to do a five color off-set printing and a two or three color screen printing on all our buckets. On the 500ml however we can do two color only.
    • IML:  Our 5lt; 20lt; 1lt and 10lt; paint can range is fully functional and other sizes will follow shortly.
    • After Mould Labeling: Our AML department is fully functional as well, be it a front- or a back- or a wrap around label for up to a twenty five liter bucket. 

 Lead Times

In-mould labeling will be dependant on forecast and will require a lead time of approximately two weeks. After mould labeling allow a lead time of approximately three days, 48hrs are considered emergencies. We do carry a high stock level on products and labels to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted supply.


  Mission Statement

Triangle Containers has the necessary infrastructure and capability to produce and supply the whole range of products consistently and with excellent quality and it’s ready for any challenge it may encounter.

  Quality & Raw Materials

Our product range is manufactured from polypropylene polymer supplied by Dow Chemicals and Sasol Polymers as their materials are approved grades for the Food- and Paint Industries.
Production lines are hourly monitored by quality control who has the responsibility of ensuring our quality reputation remains to our competitive advantage.

  Transport & Deliveries

Our current fleet consists of five heavy duty trucks and several light duty vans.
Daily deliveries to the Johannesburg & Pretoria areas are carefully planned in advance to maintain a prompt service to our customers.  Export systems are in place and we pride ourselves in our exports which has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years.

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